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We aren’t afraid to go to trial and fight for the compensation you deserve. From winning against big tobacco to medical malpractice and auto accident cases, we have the experience you need. Why settle for less?

But don’t just take our word for it—here’s what our clients are saying about our firm, our staff and our positive outcomes.


  • I would like to say how grateful I am for each of you. Your dedication, the professionalism exhibited and the guidance given made me feel I was represented by the best team of lawyers. Even though this has been extremely difficult for me and my children, you showed great compassion, sensitivity and, most of all, a genuine concern for my best interest for a positive outcome… Thankful, blessed and honored to have met such a terrific team of lawyers.


    If it wasn’t for Avera & Smith handling our case, I don’t know what we would have done.

    J. and T. M.
  • All of the staff at Avera & Smith are not only dedicated to their clients – but honest in all that they do.


    We live out of state and needed a firm to handle our case that was in Florida; Rod Smith did an excellent job

  • The excellence and quick resolution of my case was unexpected. I’m so very grateful to Avera & Smith.


    The staff was all very helpful and friendly I would recommend this firm to anyone seeking assistance with legal matters.

  • Always available to speak in a friendly and timely manner.


    I was kept informed as to each course of action and always made to feel like I was a part of my case.

  • We feel so lucky and blessed to be represented by such excellence.


    Concern, accountability, and persistence are three words that best describe my experience with Avera & Smith.

  • All through our case, we felt that Lance and his staff were very knowledgeable, sincere, and caring. Our lives are so much better now thanks to Avera & Smith, not only financially, but by knowing all of [them].


    Returning phone calls, being honest about my case and asking before going through with anything is what sets Avera & Smith apart from other firms.

  • I am thankful for all of the incredible help… Everyone was very patient with me and answered any questions I had fully and promptly.


    Very professional, very courteous, and extremely helpful in explaining elements of the case. Would certainly recommend them to family and friends!

  • The professionalism of Avera & Smith exceeded my expectations; the firm’s ability to speak to me in my native tongue, Spanish, let me know that my case was handled with the utmost seriousness.


    At first, I wasn’t going to hire an attorney, but three weeks after the accident, the doctors said I would be in pain for the rest of my life. Then, the people who hit me wouldn’t take any of the blame. My boss referred me to Lance Avera at Avera & Smith. They are the best! It took three years to battle my case, but it all turned out good.

    Gainesville resident and star athlete, L’Tonya Johnson, who was involved in a very serious car accident.
  • Avera & Smith fought to get me a topdollar settlement.


    Mark Avera and his staff made this an easy process; my calls were always returned promptly. The legal staff was great about keeping me updated on what was going on the entire time.

  • The staff at Avera & Smith did a great job of staying in touch with me and making me feel like my concerns were being heard.


    Ben did a marvelous job – I know my case was small, but he still worked with an attitude that this case was important to me.

  • As a pedestrian, an inattentive driver hit me as I crossed the street. After two surgeries, I came home to a minimum of eight weeks of non-weight bearing. I was not able to tend to my work for over two and a half months. Needing care 24/7, my husband had to abandon his job until I was able to do most things on my own.

    Avera & Smith patiently guided us through the legal and financial decisions to place us in the best possible position considering how destructive this accident had been to our lives. All the legal steps recommended by your firm were not only in our best interest, but the appropriate decisions… Thank you for caring and being with Bert and me through this very difficult phase of our lives.

    R.S. & B.C.

    I would recommend this firm to anyone. They were there for me all the way.

  • If you want justice, call Avera & Smith; I have referred three friends since my settlement, and we’re all glad that we chose Avera & Smith.


    I appreciate how the staff kept me informed of the case whether by email or phone.

  • It was their 50 years of experience that brought me to Avera & Smith, and I would recommend Avera & Smith wholeheartedly.


    I just want to say thanks to everyone who was involved in my case. I really appreciate the chances taken. Thank you!

  • Being a veteran and a mother, I never experienced pain until I was in an accident – regaining consciousness, I woke up inside a hospital. I met Rita Phillips, black and blue, tired, sore, and depressed. Avera & Smith helped me by rebuilding my life, self–confidence and literally washing away tears. If it wasn’t for Avera & Smith where would I be?? Attorney Mark Avera changed my life . . . fighting for me when I couldn’t fight for myself. I THANK GOD for people like them, each individual in this law firm makes a difference, you become family, and you get a second chance. Thank you for being everything I couldn’t even imagine.


    It was a pleasure working with Avera & Smith. I’m thankful for their understanding and thoughtfulness towards us. I’m thankful to the staff for putting up with my continual tears.

  • I was driving and slowed down for a stopped school bus when a lady hit me from behind going 45 miles per hour. She didn’t even slow down. I had to have surgery on my neck and then a lot of physical therapy. I didn’t think I needed an attorney, but the insurance company wouldn’t pay me what I owed on my car and they wouldn’t pay my medical bills. When I tried to figure things out it was just overwhelming. A friend recommended me to Avera & Smith. I met with Ben (Steinberg) who handled everything. They did it all! Even when I thought we were done, they gave me another check!


    The staff at Avera & Smith made this process easier, and we would recommend the firm of Avera & Smith to everyone who wants their case handled with compassion.


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      At Avera & Smith, there’s nothing we value more than our clients. That’s why we’re in this business. We’ve spent more than 65 years fighting for the people of Gainesville, and our single greatest source of pride is that we never treat a client like a number. We hope that our genuine concern for your situation comes across in our conversations as we work hard to achieve the results you deserve.

      We are so grateful for all the positive feedback we have received over the years. We truly appreciate that our clients take the time to leave such kind reviews. Each one serves as an important reminder of why we do what we do.

      Sam Portolese

      I was very fortunate to have Lance represent me as the result of a car accident. Lance and his Paralegal, Dana Dorlouis guided me through every step of the procedure with great results. Lance is a true gentleman and Dana is extremely professional. Her attention to detail is superb!! Thank You !!!

      G. Scotty Guernsey

      Avera & Smith, especially by Alexandria. My automobile accident was a horrendous experience for me so the genuine concern and professional attention that Alex provided was very comforting. While I was in the hospital, my mother had to contact legal representation on my behalf. Being elderly, she was especially shaken by my situation but everyone she spoke to at Avera & Smith was able to recognize her stress and treated her with great respect and support. From that first phone contact, Alex was immediately in touch with me and visited my hospital room the very next morning. She kept me informed throughout the entire process. She took into consideration my financial situation and physical limitations, so the results of the hard work by Alex and her support team has yielded incredible results, allowing me to get my life back on track. Again, Thank you all so much for such a wonderful experience.

      Marcia Proud

      I am thankful for the professional, timely and effective manner in which Jared Comstock of Avera and Smith handled my legal case. Jared is very knowledgeable, approachable and easy to speak to. He definitely listened to all my concerns and addressed each one to my satisfaction. I highly recommend you give Jared a call. It will be well worth your while!

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