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Workers’ Compensation & Work-Related Claims

workers' comp - accident at work

Being injured on the job can be an emotionally challenging situation, especially if you have a history with the company. But it is a lot less challenging when you have a board certified workers’ compensation attorney on your side. Why settle for less?


Choosing the right Workers’ Comp attorney is important. At the Gainesville, Florida law firm of Avera & Smith, Partner Lance Avera is board certified in workers’ compensation law, which gives you a significant advantage because less than half of 1% of all Florida lawyers are board certified in workers’ compensation law. As an experienced workers’ compensation attorney, his expertise is your strength when you have a work-related accident or injury.

Lance and the team of workers’ compensation lawyers at Avera & Smith are ready to help you fight for what can legally be yours following a job-related injury. We will help you understand the process and review options with you. Call us today at 352-372-9999 to discuss your specific workers’ compensation case.

Types of Workers’ Compensation Cases

Workplace Slip-and-Fall Accidents: When you have been injured in a slip-and-fall accident while at work, you need an advocate on your side who only has your interests at heart.

Other Workplace Accidents: Many types of accidents can happen at work or involving company property, from motor vehicle accidents and construction accidents to asbestos claims and wrongful termination.

Types of Workers’ Compensation & Work-Related Claims Cases

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